Kaleidoscope Institute for Thinking Excellence

What is KITE?

KITE (Kaleidoscope Institute for Thinking Excellence) is a one-week full-day advanced program for high ability learners in grades Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 7.

From KITE kids:

  • "I learned how to organize things in my head and make good decisions."
  • "This past KITE program was just perfect."

From KITE parents:

  • "My son attended this program for the first time and loved it. He is excited for next year and can't wait to go again. I love seeing children of like minds and like motivation work together. This was a great experience for him and I'm hoping to send my daughter as well next summer."
  • "When I picked up the boys today, I asked my (4th grade) son if this program is different from others. 'Yes,' he replied, 'all the people are creative thinkers. Everyone has unique ideas!'"
  • "Thank you for honoring and supporting the artist in every child. This was such a wonderful week...as my daughter said...'one of the best weeks ever'."
  • "My son came home every day happy and proud to share the wonderful things he learned."
  • "My daughter was placed in a group with children one year above her (after thoughtful discussion with the director) and told me she was 'where she belonged'. I appreciate the thought and consideration taken on behalf of the children."
  • "My son told me he loved that he was allowed to be creative while he learned. He told me that in his last school year he was never allowed to do anything except what was assigned to the entire class. He loved KITE!"
  • "Thank you for providing not only an environment for our children to learn and grow, but also an environment in which parents are welcome, supported and understood."
  • "I have recommended the program and will continue to do so. The teaching staff is outstanding."
  • "It was a fantastic week. Please keep doing what you are doing for these amazing students."
  • "Thank you so much for the pre-camp survey. My daughter was so excited to start a new camp knowing that the camp cared enough to ask about her interests and likes."
  • "As soon as (our daughter) got into the car on Friday, she asked, 'Can I go back next year?' She learned a lot, and it was fun for her to meet other students who were interested in learning. She also made quite a few friends."

    Note received January 28, 2011 from a former KITE parent:

    • "Many years ago my daughter attended your program. I truly believe that it was one of the best programs she has attended in her life. I still remember her enthusiasm about the program. It carried over to all aspects of her life. (She) is now a sophomore at (college) where she is thinking and creating 24/7. She is majoring in film and animation. I attribute her experiences at KITE to leading her in this wonderful direction. Thank you!"

    Who Should Go to KITE?

    If your child grasps new concepts quickly and deeply, asks questions that show depth of understanding, often adds that "something extra" to a project, seems motivated to explore new ideas, spends time waiting for others to "catch up"... then we highly recommend that you try the KITE program this summer. Please feel free to call us at (508) 662-9751 any time to discuss your child and to determine whether the KITE program would be a good match.

    2021 KITE theme "Trailblazers"

    1) A pioneer, an innovator, a lifelong learner, a mover and shaker;

    2) A leader who leaves a path for others to follow;

    3) A person who builds a better world for others

    In every area of human endeavor, certain people have had to blaze trails. KITE kids have a unique spirit of adventure - whether it is academic, social, physical or in areas of STEM and/or the visual and performing arts. KITE 2021 intends to build on their innate desire to learn, to push limits and to make change happen. What trails would YOU like to blaze???

    KITE kids will:

  • Identify trailblazers from diverse backgrounds
  • Blaze some trails of their own, including outdoors as we engage in nature
  • Explore opportunities to develop leadership skills
  • Use science and technology to create new pathways and to solve problems in unique ways
  • Participate in Dr. Joseph Renzulli's "Type 3" activities: individual and small group investigations of REAL problems
  • Choose Special Interest classes based on results of interest surveys
  • Our theme merely provides a springboard for many challenging and thought-provoking activities. During the week, our skilled teachers will provide instruction on a variety of topics, pose open-ended questions and function primarily as a "guide on the side" rather than assume the more traditional teacher's role of "sage on the stage." Projects are "hands-on" and interest-based.


    • Emphasis on higher order creative and critical thinking, as well as problem-solving skills, thinking, communication, forecasting, decision-making and planning activities
    • Chance to meet and work with other outstanding students, share interests and abilities, and make new friends
    • Individual and small group independent investigations
    • In-depth study of high-interest topics


    • Above average academic skills
    • Independent learning skills
    • High degree of motivation
    • Teacher survey (sent upon registration, also online)
    • Student interest questionnaire (sent in the spring, also online)


    9:00 AM to 2:30 PM Daily


    $465 per child + $40 non-refundable Registration Fee.

    Please see our cancellation policy.

    Extended Day

    Early Bird (7:45 - 9:00 AM): $50 per week
    Early Care (8:00 - 9:00 AM): $40 per week ($10 per day)
    Extended Day (2:30 - 5:00 PM): $160 per week ($35 per day)
    Late Care (5:00 - 6:00 PM): $75 per week


    The registration form can be found here. Please indicate grade level completed as of June 1, 2021. Pre-K children must be entering kindergarten in 2021 to enroll in KITE this year. Teacher and student interest surveys will be mailed upon receipt of registration form and tuition. Children will receive several letters prior to the start of the program.

    Class Size

    Each class has 12 students.


    Highly qualified certified teachers with training in gifted education and /or higher order thinking skills.