Kindness Counts


In 1998 Kaleidoscope decided to choose a theme, and we chose "Kindness Counts". It has been so successful that we have decided to re-emphasize the same message.

We know - and you know - that kids can't be happy and kids can't learn if they are subjected to unkind behavior. Fortunately, we have rarely had this sort of problem at Kaleidoscope.

However, we have decided to restate our "zero tolerance" policy for unkind behavior to assure you that we will never accept it for any reason whatsoever.

Some people say, "Oh, kids will be kids" when a child is mean to another child. We disagree. We think that kids are much better than that. We think that kids will respond at a much higher level if the adults in their world expect it of them.

We are asking that you just take a moment to tell your child that his/her Kaleidoscope experiences will be fun and safe and kind. Please remind him/her that children from many towns come to this program, and some kids do not know anyone else here when they arrive. Taking a moment to be friendly and to reach out to new friends will benefit every child. Our staff and student aides will, of course, do the same.

We look forward to this, our thirty-ninth wonderful summer, and to seeing and meeting the fabulous (and kind) kids that make our program so special.