Parent Comments

Below are some of the comments we received after this summer's program:

Day one of Kaleidoscope for us and I already know my boys will be joining every summer for as long as the program is offered. I'm so impressed by the organization, friendliness of the staff, and the quality of curriculum.

Thank you Janis! (My son) had a great day thanks to you and all of the amazing teachers!!

So cute! They had a BLAST! We will definitely be back next year!

How beautiful and what beautiful fashion designs (my daughter) came home with! She had just a wonderful week xoxo.

My girls have loved their time at camp this summer. Thank you for making this possible this year

Ahh that's awesome! Thank you so much for sharing. If there is one thing I miss this year it's the pictures that get posted up on the wall everyday. Thank you again. They have had an amazing week.

It is amazing that your talented teachers could work with these wonderful children to present such a wonderful show in only four days. Thank you so much! I really enjoyed watching it.

This is fantastic!! Thank you so much for sharing this! Both kids have had a wonderful week with you all!!

It was a wonderful first day and I think you all did amazing!!!!! We are very happy with the first day!!! Thank you for all the hard work!

Thank you for sharing!!! (My son) is loving his time at Kaleidoscope this year! So happy you’re back. Thanks again,

(My son) is LOVING his classes :-)

Please allow us to thank you and all Kaleidoscope staff for taking care of (our children) in your camp this summer. They enjoy all the courses and extended stay very much. We talk about camp every day.

(My daughter) has had a wonderful week and also loved after care. As a homeschooler she really thrived in your awesome program setting snd we LOVED the Hood school location. It allowed us to jump in at Berry Pond to cool off after class!

The kids are loving their Kaleidoscope courses and it is clear they are learning a lot, having fun and making new friends.

We love all your courses and the girls would attend them all if they could!! :)

This is such a terrific program. So incredibly organized and well run. My children had an incredible 3 weeks. And the programs are reasonably priced compared to other alternative programs during the summer.

Overall, we feel Kaleidoscope is a superior program. If you need parents to become more involved, please ask us. Kaleidoscope has broadened our child's horizons so much that he is still talking about his class experiences and now inventing project ideas of his own. For a program to have that much of an impact on a child in just three weeks of exposure to creative learning is truly remarkable. Kudos to the teachers and all the staff who make it happen.

The girls had a wonderful time. This is our second time and we look forward to next year.

The instructor did a wonderful job!! The course was organized and well thought out. All activities were very developmentally appropriate, and she was creative in her curriculum and its application to Dr. Seuss books. My child was barely 3 years old for the course, but got a LOT out of it. She looked forward to going everyday, which I saw as a reflection of her interest in the activities provided. Very well done!!

This being my first experience...I can't wait for next summer!

This was our first time at Kaleidoscope and I cannot say enough as to how pleased I was with everything. My daughter and I are sad it is over, and my kids will definitely be attending for years to come. Everyone from the teachers to the aides to the people at the front door were so helpful and nice!! Very very pleased!!!

At the end of the first day of camp, I asked my son if he was excited to come back tomorrow and he eagerly and enthusiastically said "yes". He had never been there before and didn't know anyone there. But, the teachers were very inviting and the room was set up with so many things for him to look at and be curious about. He had such a great time at camp. He kept asking about coming back on Monday, and I have to keep reminding him that it was over after 1 week. We will definitely be back for hopefully 2 sessions next year. Well worth it!

Love the selection of courses for all ages and especially love the instructors. Thanks.

We will be back next year. Thanks for doing a great job!

My daughter LOVED this class and her teacher, I don't think she has EVER been so eager to attend a class! THANK YOU SO MUCH! We will definitely be doing 2 weeks next year!

This is my daughter's 3rd year and she has loved all of the courses she has taken. I think that the program is wonderful and am glad that it is available. We look forward to next year!
Thank you for all your hard work!

I was so pleased with this camp, and I can't wait to sign (my son) up again next year and spread the word to many other parents I know... and hopefully my other son who will be 3 next year will be able to participate.

(My daughter) says that Kaleidoscope should be more than three weeks, have a Kaleidoscope "overnite." She loved EVERY course.

My child was so excited to go to camp every day. I can't thank you enough.

(My children) were eager to sign up for next year's classes. They LOVE Kaleidoscope. Thank you for making it so enjoyable and educational.

(My child) had so much fun. She came home each day and just beamed about the wonderful activities, whether it was being interviewed by a young attendee of a different course or helping paint in arts and crafts. Just had a wonderful learning experience.

Thank you, so much for all the hard work you put into this programming, we are most grateful to be able to participate.

My son loved the Science Sampler class. He has been full of questions since taking this class. I have been telling all my friends how great your camp is. We will be back next year. Can't wait.

My children also attended Flight, Movin' and Groovin', and Never Ending Stories...all were a 5. The teachers were all fabulous and friendly and made my children feel very comfortable in their surroundings!

My daughter felt this was the best course ever and wanted to leave for camp the moment she got out of bed.

My daughter loved all of her courses and has even made decisions of what courses she wants for next year (I didn't ask her to do this. She came home telling me on her final day which courses she is looking forward to for next year). Thanks for a wonderful two weeks!

Colleen and Brittany who taught Mother Goose were absolutely amazing! My child is a little shy and they were incredible with him. It was his first "camp" experience and they fostered a great environment which I'm sure enabled him to feel comfortable the following week in a busier course where he may have otherwise have had a more difficult experience.

My son loved both of his courses...the teachers were fabulous. He had all positives to say, not one negative. He wants to take both of them again next year. We are hoping you will offer them both with updated material so he can take version 2 of both of the courses.

Once again, another completely excellent summer!!! My children look forward to this every summer, and I believe the passion (the director) pours into this program shines with every course. I recommend it to everyone! My kids are already asking about next summer to take additional classes with the teachers they had this summer - they loved them!

This was my son's first experience at school and I couldn't be more happy with the positive experience that he encountered. He felt safe, comfortable and confident everyday! I am so very pleased and would recommend this program to anyone looking for a summer enrichment program for their children!

My daughter (7-yr-old) loved all the courses she took over the past 3 weeks. She had a hard time to rate one over another. She asked me to give them all 5 stars.

I want to say, the director is great! I had made a late night call regarding the class rooms for the next day... she helped me out over the phone that night... I really appreciate that!

My son really enjoyed his time at Kaleidoscope this year. The offerings are so varied and far superior to other camps I considered. Although price-wise it is more expensive than a lot of other camps, the programming makes it well worth the money.

My boys love the variety of classes and have enjoyed all their camp courses at Kaleidoscope and we love the new location! We tell everyone and we love it!

What a wonderful program, my daughter loved it and I felt very comfortable that she was happy and safe. The teachers were great, very involved, and responsive and kind. The variety of courses was excellent, she had fun and learned a lot as well.

What a wonderful program, my daughter loved it and I felt very comfortable that she was happy and safe. The teachers were great, very involved, and responsive and kind. The variety of courses was excellent, she had fun and learned a lot as well.

I know we are not a majority of the population, but our son has severe food allergies and (1) the fact that there is an RN on staff (2) the director/staff's knowledge of allergies in general and (3) the fact that such care/emphasis is placed on which snacks are offered for purchase has made Kaleidoscope an invaluable experience for our family. I cannot tell you the comfort/joy I felt sending him there every day (and I don't often feel comfortable!!). Not to mention that the classes offered are SUPERB and the teachers/student aides in his class were amazing! Thank you for a wonderful week.