Baking 101 (Course Code: 147)

Session: II

Time: AM

Ages: Grades 1/2/3

Instructor: Taste Buds Kitchen

Course Code: 147

Learn to bake like the pros as we master the perfect techniques for handmade breads, pies, muffins, cookies and cupcakes! Each day we will learn a new baking skill from creaming butter and sugar for our Chocolate Sandwich Cookies, to kneading dough for our amazing Flatbread, and to perfecting crumb toppings for our Berry Crumb Bars. And like all our offerings, we'll whip up both savory and sweet recipes to keep your chefs cheering! The week culminates with everyone's favorite, a Battle Cupcake Challenge! All recipes are vegetarian. We will be using flour, eggs, and dairy in many recipes. Included is a cloth apron for your budding chef to keep and a cooking journal.

Special Offering: $355