Parking Policy

Traffic must enter on Sunset Rock Road and exit onto Hidden Road. Please do not exit the way that you enter, as this is illegal and extremely hazardous. Thank you for helping us to keep everyone safe. Please exercise caution at all times, as parents and children will be walking across these parking areas. Parking attendants will direct you to available parking spots if the lot becomes crowded.

On each Monday, drivers must park and walk all children into the building, where you should sign them in to their classrooms.

On Mondays only, short-term parking is permitted in the lane in front of the school in the morning. This is not permitted on any other days, as there will be a drive-through drop off in this location for children entering Grades 2 and higher.

For the morning session classes (9:00-11:30 AM) only: Children entering Grades 2 or higher can be dropped off at the front door from Tuesday through Friday, BEGINNING AT 8:40 AM. Our staff will take them to their classrooms and sign them in with their teachers. This applies to the 9:00 AM drop-off ONLY and is designed to alleviate the parking congestion. You may, of course, choose to park and take your child directly to the classroom, but if you want to drop him/her off, please drive all the way up to the main entrance in a single line. You cannot park in this lane. Please be sure that your child is ready to exit the car quickly so that we can keep this line moving and so that traffic does not back up onto Sunset Rock Road.

There is no drive-through drop-off for PM classes. Please park and sign your children in to their classrooms each day.

Drivers should park and sign children out of classrooms if they are picking up at 11:30 AM or 2:30 PM. Short-term parking in a single lane in front of the building IS PERMITTED at all pick-up times.

Parents picking up children from Extended Day will do so through the front doors. Extended Day pick-up details will be available in June.